thumb_IMG_20171105_142958_1024As a banking consultant by profession and a traveller by passion, I believe that you don’t need to quit your job to explore the world. And with this blog, I hope to show you how.

Travelling for me is not just a passion; it is also an escape from the chaos and pollution of the city. There’s nothing that makes me feel more alive than a long drive in the hills, exploring a hidden town, sampling local delicacies, or a walk on a secluded beach. And of course, a strong coffee.

Popular destinations are well known for a reason, but there’s everything to be discovered when you travel to lesser known places. Exploring such places, that are seldom heard of, is something I enjoy doing and writing about. And on weekends, I can often be found walking around someplace new with my three most prized possessions: my backpack, camera and contact lenses.

While there are a few full fledged itineraries mentioned in my blog, a majority of my experiences involve quick weekend getaways – getaways that you can easily plan too!

If there is one thing I’ve learnt through all my travels, it is that when you discover a new place, culture or tradition, you discover a little more about yourself as well. So come join me, as I take you through a journey to the lesser known lands.

I hope I can inspire you to be a weekend explorer too.


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