25 Awesome Gift Ideas for the Travel Junkie in your life

Trying to find the perfect gift for your travel obsessed friend or family member? Here are 25 unique gift ideas to help you choose! And the best part is – each of these can be bought with just one click on Amazon India.

Under INR 250

Items Under INR 250
  1. Pocket Perfume: Doesn’t everyone like smelling great, especially when travelling to hot and humid places? Besides, gifting a deodorant is risky business. Click here to buy a mini perfume now.
  2. Personalised Pen: The one thing that is always missing when it’s time to fill out those inconvenient customs forms at immigration. And maybe, this time they won’t need to beg, borrow or steal 😉 Click here to buy now.
  3. Reusable Straws: Made with steel, bamboo, reusable plastic or copper, reusable straws are a thoughtful gift for the environmentally conscious traveller.  Say no to single use plastic here.
  4. Compass: Because those who wander can sometimes lose their way. Click here to help them out!
  5. Paper Soap: Gone are the days of Bufin soap strips with the excited lady on the cover rubbing her foamy hands all over her face (was that creepy or what?!). Why not get some cute neon coloured paper soap here?
  6. Coin Tissues: These compressed tablets have got to be one of the coolest travel inventions – perfect to use after a sweaty afternoon excursion or a trek, and they barely take up any space! Buy them here.
  7. Collapsible Cup: Good friends don’t let each other take swigs directly from the bottle. No, but seriously, this is a great gift for the outdoorsy kind and it’s super convenient. Buy it here.
  8. Luggage Tags: A common gift idea, but one that never really fails. You can buy one with a funny caption or funky design here.

Under INR 500

Items under INR 500
  1. Travel Watch: This has been one of the cutest travel related gifts I have received so far! The watch dial is a world map with the seconds hand, which is shaped like a plane, going around the world. You can buy it here too.
  2. Quick Dry Towel: This microfiber towel is compact, lightweight, and perfect for a day at the beach or by the pool. Click here to buy one now.
  3. Foldable Backpack: Available in several bright colours, this 10L backpack can be folded into a fist sized ball that easily fits in trouser pockets too! Plus, it is water resistant. Buy one here.
  4. TSA Approved Lock: Knowing that your valuables are safe and secure is a sure shot way of having some peace of mind during a holiday, and a good quality lock can help with that. Click here to get one now.
  5. Dry Bag: Buy this much needed bag here, to keep your things dry for a day at the beach or near the swimming pool. Or even while indulging in some water sports like kayaking.
  6. Travel Book: Lonely Planet and Rough Guides are great, but reading about the adventures of an Indian travel blogger, as she explores the world, is just so much more personal. Shivya Nath’s book ‘The Shooting Star’ is exactly that, and you can click here to buy a copy for someone who is in need of travel inspiration.
  7. Inflatable Pillow: I am not a fan of neck pillows. Somehow, my neck seems more cramped up after using them. Which is why, while travelling, I prefer carrying regular  inflatable pillows that provide the headrest needed without taking much space. Click here to buy one too. By the way, did you know that the aisle seat headrest is one of the most dirtiest parts of a plane?
  8. Luggage Scale: It’s safe to assume that we all know some over-packers; those people who always pack 10 pairs of clothing for a weekend trip (yes, you know who you are!). Click here to buy this perfect gift for them!

Under INR 1,000

Items under INR 1,000
  1. Camera Tripod: What a great gift for a photography enthusiast! Goes without saying, but do ensure that they don’t already have one. And then, buy it here.
  2. Anti-theft Scarf: This has got to be one of the most ingenious ways of keeping valuables safe! The round scarf has a small zipped pocket, inside which you can keep anything from your phone or cash to lip balm! Definitely a gift that you will be thanked for, so what are you waiting for? Buy it now!
  3. Annual Subscription to Saavn: Road trips aren’t complete without some awesome music, and a 12 month subscription to Saavn can help with that. Plus, it saves everyone from the pressure of downloading individual songs and preparing playlists. Buy it here (you can also get 3 or 6 month subscriptions!).
  4. Scratch Map: One of the first travel related gifts I ever gifted was a travel scratch map to my sister. I still remember how much fun it was to sit together and scratch off all the places in the world we had ever been to, only to realise how much more we were yet to cover! 😛 Click here to buy now.
  5. Packing Cube Set: This is for the meticulous person in your life who loves being organised. Though to be honest, it might just be what the unorganised one needs? Buy a set here.
  6. Portable Bluetooth Speakers: The travel companion that always makes the trip more fun. This one is particularly easy to manage and works great, rain or shine. Buy it here.
  7. Passport Cover: Most frequent travellers would appreciate a nice passport holder/wallet to keep their passports, tickets and some cash. If you agree, then check out some adorable covers here.
  8. Foldable Hair Dryer: Do you know anyone who cannot step out for the day without drying their hair thoroughly? If yes, then this compact and lightweight hair dryer might just be what they need. Click here to buy one now.


Portable Solar Charger: This is slightly more expensive than the other items in the list, but honestly, how awesome is it?! Phones can be charged on the go, with a device that is powered by sunlight and costs the same as a battery operated power-bank! Click here to buy one right now – it’s time to go green!

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas!


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