In Photos: The Many Shades of Bandra

No one who visits Mumbai (or Bombay) can leave without spending some time in its most popular suburb – Bandra. Whether it’s for fine dine or street food, boutique shops or flea markets, hipster cafes or local tea stalls, creative cocktail bars or cheap booze, glitzy homes of Bollywood stars or the homes of those with stars in their dreams… Bandra has it all and more. After all, Mumbai isn’t known as the city of contrasts for nothing.

So allow me to take you through the queen of the suburbs – from the popular and regular, to the hidden and obscure. Let my photos show you a side that you may otherwise seldom notice.

Walking through one of the 24 villages of Bandra – the Portuguese influence lives on
Monochrome houses are boring – let’s use four colours this time
Quirky exteriors! Hey St. Jude, please help me?
The staircases of Bandra are as colourful as those of Panjim, aren’t they?

Please click here for my photo story on the city of Panjim, Goa

This umbrella maker doubles up as a cobbler, and he works 12 hours a day, come rain or shine. It’s fun watching umbrellas getting made from scratch!
Who doesn’t like eating corn on the cob in the monsoons? This friendly vendor sits at Bandstand everyday from 3pm to 11 pm, after which the police make them shut shop.
If you enter the by-lanes of Bandra, you’ll often find local vendors selling groceries and other household products
Salman Khan Fan Club still going strong.
Star struck outside Shahrukh’s house. Sorry, I mean beach facing mansion. On days when King Khan makes an appearance in his balcony, there is chaos around this area.
Shooting studio in the heart of Bandra! Don’t get too excited though – this is used only for ad films
An afternoon snooze in Bandra Fort… In the shade of trees, with the sound of crashing waves.
But of course, they did…
A walk around Bandra is incomplete without seeing the Bandra – Worli Sea Link. Oh, that view!

What are some of the favourite spots in Bandra?

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