In Photos: A walk through Panjim

Panjim – the capital of the sunny state of Goa, is often ignored as visitors flock to nearby beaches for some sun and sand. But if you’re looking for something different with a little bit of history and a lot of colour, then Panaji, as it is locally called, is it.

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Good Morning Panjim! The Mandovi River (in photo) is an important lifeline of Goa. It actually originates in Karnataka and ultimately joins the Arabian Sea.
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The colourful buildings of Fontainhas – It’s easy to forget that you’re in Goa when you walk around its Latin Quarter and explore the old Portuguese houses.
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Beautiful staircases along the way – Panjim is truly an artist’s delight!
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A visit to Panjim is incomplete without a traditional Goan meal at Viva Panjim.
Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Church was first built as a Portuguese styled chapel in the 1500s and is one of the most prominent landmarks of Panjim today.
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Gallery Gitanjali is perfectly located in the UNESCO heritage site of Fontainhas, and it has an interesting display of artwork from contemporary local and international artists.
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Poi bread is passé. Let’s have some freshly baked Kangna, a doughnut shaped bread which tastes just as good! (In Hindi, Kangna means Bangle. What an apt name!)
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Some more snacks! This cute little cart is setup every evening and it serves authentic Goan snacks. A must try for every foodie!

My walk through Panjim lasted an entire day, but I could’ve easily spent another day walking through its quaint streets.

Here are a few additional spots you might like to cover if you happen to go to Panjim:

  • Joseph Bar – a tiny bar that brews its own beer and occasionally has live music
  • Velha Goa – to buy hand painted Portuguese tiles or ‘Azulejos
  • Ritz Classic – for local thalis
  • Sunaparanta – a centre for the arts that also happens to have an al fresco cafe

For more information about Gallery Gitanjali, please click here

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Have you been to Panjim? What did you like the most?

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