Summer Vines: An Offbeat Vineyard Getaway with Parsi food

There’s absolutely nothing better than a relaxing weekend at a beautiful resort overlooking the vineyards, that too with authentic Parsi food. And that’s exactly what you get at Summer Vines, the latest brainchild of famous Parsi caterer Tanaz Godiwalla.

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Summer Vines – The resort

Set amidst the rolling hills and vineyards of Nashik, Summer Vines is a standalone boutique resort along the Mumbai-Nashik highway, away from all the hustle bustle and crowd of Sula and the likes.

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Perfect location for some weekend chill

The Property

The property has 14 luxurious chalet styled rooms, which are air conditioned, spacious and exceptionally cozy. Each room has its own Wi-Fi, flat screen TV with Tata Sky and an open porch facing the vineyards, from where you can watch a spectacular sunrise (if you’re able to get out of your warm and comfortable bed, that is!) or gaze up into the starry skies at night. There’s also an outdoor swimming pool (separate kids section), play area, indoor games room and reading lounge – so rest assured, you won’t be bored for even a second!

Room Interiors
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View of the rolling hills and vineyards from the rooms
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Sunrise view from the resort

How can I get there?

The easiest way to get to Summer Vines is by driving down from Mumbai/Pune, which takes about 3-4 hours. The location provided on Google maps is perfect, so just follow the directions.

thumb_temp_1024 copy
Marigold fields along the way

What can I do there?

De-stress at the resort!

Binge on some amazing Parsi food. That’s right, it’s a buffet so turn your binge mode on!

If you’re looking for something more, you can trek up to a nearby temple located on a hillock and watch a brilliant sunset from there, or take a stroll around the table-grape vineyards surrounding the property.

Gargoti Mineral Museum is also located close by, where you can see a remarkable exhibit of crystals, stones and minerals found in India and the world. The museum is open all day and if you call them in advance, they will ensure that a knowledgeable guide is available for your museum tour (Costs Rs.100 per person). Oh, and they have a souvenir store in the museum too, in case you’d like to purchase something.

What’s more? All guests at Summer Vines get coupons that entitle them to a free wine tasting tour at York Winery (which, in my opinion is nicer than Sula). It’s over an hour away though, so I would recommend visiting York after checking out from the resort.

For details on any of these activities, you can always reach out to Tanaz, the owner of Summer Vines. She’s an amazing host, who makes you feel right at home from the moment you arrive, and personally ensures that you have an awesome experience at her property!

thumb_temp_1024 2
Wine and cheese at the York Winery

How much will this cost me?

The tariff is only Rs.4500 per person per night (as of Oct 17), which includes ALL meals (breakfast, lunch, dinner and high tea). Not only is it a peaceful stay away from the crowds, but is also much more reasonable than any vineyard stay in Nashik!

Also, the staff is extremely helpful and goes out of its way to serve you better, so do take into account a small tip that you might want to give them at the end of your stay (optional).

Anything else?

In short, Summer Vines is a perfect getaway for families, groups of friends and couples alike, so get ready to escape the city for your well deserved weekend break!

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Time for a vineyard getaway


Additional Notes:

Please mention dietary preferences, if any, upon booking. Moreover, they can also prepare other cuisines for you upon request.

If you have a driver accompanying you, be sure to check for any additional charges upon check in (if the driver doesn’t stay on the property, there shouldn’t be any extra costs though)

There’s no alcohol available at the property, but you can bring your own booze and they will keep it in the refrigerator for you if required (in case you’re wondering, their vineyards produce only table grapes)

The rooms are non-smoking, but you are allowed to smoke in the common open areas such as the gazebo and the terrace. In fact, if you like, you can also bring your own hookah.

So what are you waiting for? Make your reservation NOW!

For more information and/or bookings, please click on the following links:

Summer Vines, Gargoti Museum, York Winery

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